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The assertion that reading books is useful, is perceived as an axiom. But not everyone is convinced of its correctness. So there are people who claim that reading is not only not helpful, but harmful. They say that a lot of people reading abstrahierte from reality and becomes unsocial, living in your fantasy world where everything is fine, blooming gardens and flying colored butterflies. But luckily for us there are scientists that prove the benefits of reading, not in words but by experiment. For example, researchers from the University of Liverpool measured the brain activity of subjects during their reading of the poetry of Shakespeare, Eliot and other famous poets with a special electronic sensors. Found that reading poetry leads the brain to a state of heightened agitation, and continuing after cessation of reading. Especially active areas associated with autobiographical memory. Additionally, scientists have relayed the content of the poems "in their own words". So, reading these retellings had almost no effect on brain activity. The result – classic poetry causes the brain to work, which is a kind of gymnastics for the brain. While gymnastics is known to be very useful exercise.

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