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Network Topology Advantages And Disadvantages In 2021

The topic of this article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Ethernet over the Internet Protocol (IP) version 4 and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv4 and IPv6) using a large TCP/IP simulation network with a minimum of 2,000 users. It is expected that the reader wi ll be familiar with the concepts of routers, switches, layer 3 routing, and layer 2 switching.  

Best IPTV Players for Windows PC and Mac on the Market

When talking about online streaming, we come across many terms like IPTV. The world is experiencing a paradigm shift from cable TV to streaming TV online. IPTV has a crucial role to play in this paradigm shift. Many are transitioning from watching cable TV to streaming channels online. Nowadays, people do not care about owning the content as much as they care about accessing content, and…