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What ever your are working on you can never have enough acceseries. with the ever changing tips that are out their like phillips tip ,star ,square and an adapter or an “apex” as there called. It is all ways nice to have a small socket set with a kit for those small jobs like working on your lawn mower for changing those nasty lawn mower blades and what ever you mite have to work on.

Any one that has to work in tight places can use one of these I have one its the first thing you will grab for any job. It makes the project a lot easier. When you use your impact driver or your air impact and the sockets are made for impact drivers. And using the magnetic adapters work realy good and don’t for get to use safety glasses it just mite save your eyes.

This 35 pice is great set for any one who needs a set like this. A small air compressor can be used for small job like emergencies flat tire or the kids bike and sport ball.

This mini air compressor can help you get to where you are going if you have that low tire so you can save that tire. Just plug the air compressor in your cigarette lighter this air compressor does not have a tank. You have to un plug when you are dun using it has a lock to lock it on your valve stem witch is a great feature.

It work best to lock the compressor on you valve stem before plugging in the compressor and when done unplugged the compressor then take the hose off it work that easy.

mini air compressor infographic

Tips on Using Air Impact Tools

Tips on using air tools it may need a few drop of oil when it does not turn or it may hiss at you so check for oil or the air supply. Air tools can be your friend or your enemy to use correctly try to use both hand or if can’t make sure you have your hand on tight when using one hand and right socket and right adapters will make the job easier.

I was using air tools ona replacing shocks and control arms on my truck it made the. Job easier for us do it your selfers air tools are a great helper it made the enjoyable and fun.

Don’t rely on an impact to tighten the lug nut on your wheels they get them tight but its always wise to use a torque wrench or if you don’t have one use a breaker bar or a speed wrench or star wrench or whatever you might call a tire wrench. So use a wrench to finish of all nuts and bolts don’t rely on an air impact to finish of your project.