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If there was, however, any thread to tie it all together its the mix of textures that compliment each other. Leather, cotton, wool knits – theres an organic feel to it all. At last nights launch of their new store on Brunswick St, Fitzroy that organic feel was heightened by a strummed acoustic guitar and rustic fingerfoods like plates of hot meatballs swimming in sauce, and huge orbs of ricotta that had been lovingly crumbed and then fried. But again it was all very subtle, and far from over-themed. Buls offerings have always struck me as a little on the eclectic side; the racks of clothes that line their stores are not quite basics, not statements either, but they are the kind of blank-canvas pieces you can style in different ways. And Buls stores have a sort of neutrality that allows you to keep an open mind as to how you might approach each piece.

Perhaps its the luxury of not being in front of the camera for a living, but working on these kind of projects with the amazing people we get to meet every day becomes kind of like the fun mucking around you would do with a bunch of friends. Aside from the genuinely fun time I had lounging around in a hotel room in D&G, drinking wine and singing along (rather badly) to Feetwood Mac, it was also completely interesting – as shoots always are – watching the team at work. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent aliquam, justo convallis luctus rutrum, erat nulla fermentum diam, at nonummy quam ante ac quam. Maecenas urna purus, fermentum id, molestie in, commodo porttitor, felis. Nam blandit quam ut lacus. Quisque ornare risus quis ligula. Phasellus tristique purus a augue condimentum adipiscing. Aenean sagittis. Etiam leo pede, rhoncus venenatis, tristique in, vulputate at, odio. Donec et ipsum et sapien vehicula nonummy. Suspendisse potenti. Fusce varius urna id quam. Sed neque mi, varius eget, tincidunt nec, suscipit id, libero. In eget purus. Vestibulum ut nisl. Donec eu mi sed turpis feugiat feugiat. Integer turpis arcu, pellentesque eget, cursus et, fermentum ut, sapien. Fusce metus mi, eleifend sollicitudin, molestie id, varius et, nibh. Donec nec libero