white label forex broker

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What is Trader’s Room?

One essential part of Forex CRM is the trader’s room. It is a web interface that a Forex trader can access after an account has been opened. This portal enables traders to communicate easily with their brokers, clients while managing their Read More →
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What is the best MAM system on mt4/5?

  MAM exemplifies a Multi-Account Manager. It is a plugin integrated into the MT4/5 that offers several ways to sub-allocate profit and loss between the fund manager and the investors using multiple trading platforms. It is specially designed to provide Read More →
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What is a White label broker?

   If you plan to start your company in Forex, you must have a license MT4/MT5 to obtain market access.  The Full Label and the White Label are two types of licenses. The purpose of this article is to explain Read More →